S16 Deluxe Soy

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S16 Deluxe Soy is made from 100% natural, plant based products. This wax is also similar in it’s formulation to another popular recently discontinued wax.
Furthermore, S16 Deluxe Soy has fantastic container adhesion and great scent throw and 10-12 percent fragrance can be used.

Containing hydrated soya oil and unique vegetable sourced additive.

Above all, this wax is made entirely from natural products

Gorgeous creamy soy finish

Smooth set after burning

A high fragrance tolerance for a soy wax (10-12%)

Great container adhesion

Anti-shrinking and frosting properties

Fantastic oil absorption resulting in amazing hot and cold scent throw

1 Melt Point:  50.06°C
2 Congealing Point:  36.3°C
3 Suggested Heating Range:  62°C – 72°C
4 Suggested Pouring Range: 45°C – 55°C
5 Suggested Max Fragrance Load: 6-8% –
6 Contents: 100% Hydrogenated Soybean Oil blend with the addition of a unique plant based additive.

Heating above 85°C for too long may cause the wax to discolour.
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Consequently as with all Candles:

1 Never Leave a burning candle unattended.

2 The candle container may be hot to the touch.

3 Never Move a lit candle.

4 Do not use near curtains or blinds.

5 Keep well out of reach of children as well as and pets.

6 Ensure candle is used in on a heat resistant surface or specifically designed candle protective plate.

7 Do not let the candle burn to the base of the candle container.

8 Store candles in a cool, dry place, and also out of direct sunlight.

9 Always ensure the candle is extinguished after use.

10 Always use candles in containers designed specifically for candle use.

11 Furthermore, failure to follow these and other candle warnings may result in a fire hazard, as well as damage to property as well as injury


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