Vegetable Chopping Set

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The Vegetable Chopping Set is part of the I’m Toy Kitchen Zone range of wooden food products for children 3 years +

The Vegetable Chopping Set includes: 

a selection of 6 cutting vegetables,  each vegetable half secured by hidden Velcro

a cutting board that doubles as a serving tray

a child’s wooden play knife.


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Some of the advantages researchers have found letting a child play with wooden toys are:

Language Development:

By their very nature, wooden toys are often simplistic in nature, and therefore encourage a child to use their imagination. They often provide sounds and voices for the wooden objects and characters they are interacting with.

Cognitive Development:

Sensory play develops that part of the brain that carries out complex task solving. Wooden toys by their often simplistic nature, therefore they help stimulate the child to use logic when making decisions during play.


Sturdily constructed of wood ecologically sourced and made with non toxic paints and materials.

Age 3 years +