Sealife Stationary Set In Tube

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This Sealife Stationary Set In Tube cute pack of colouring pencils. Each pack of 6 pencils are placed in a clear plastic tube with a sea creature on the top. Included is a sharpener.

This Sealife Stationary Set In Tube is convenient to take when going out, compact in size and has all the colour need to produce beautiful drawings.

A few of the benefits of colouring are:

Develops dexterity

Improves hand strength and dexterity and can therefore help develop the correct way to hold a pencil

Develops hand eye coordination

Improves basic coordination skills by improving pencil holding techniques,  and recognizing what colour to use, and skill need to keep within the lines.


Colouring helps promote patience.

Sense of accomplishment

A sense of accomplishment is reached when completing a task, especially a complicated one.

Artistic ability

Helps promote which colours work in harmony, and by using lighter and darker strokes, can therefore improve an understanding of shading and light direction.

Colour Recognition

Not only teaches a child about which colour is which, but teaches them that there can be many shades of the same colour.

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