My Little Farm

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This colourful My Little Farm set is from Artiwood. Designed to engage and thrill young minds.

My Little Farm set is from Artiwood includes:

A Barn

A Famer and his Wife

A pair of Chickens

A pair of Ducks

A pair of Pigs

A pair of Horses

A pair of Cows

A pair of Sheep

A pair of Goats




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This product trains the following skills in children:

Cognitive abilities: A child’s logical thinking is fostered by encouraging the child to identify patterns, symmetries and structures when playing. Children start to understand how things work and can enjoy some of its best experiences when playing.
Discovering the world: Playing can  therefore increase a child’s curiosity and create the natural impetus to discover something new. Children can also find out how things work and what they are for.
Fine motor skills: This toy stimulates the child’s sense of touch and encourages it to grasp therefore promoting dexterity. Trying things out, inspecting objects things with all of their senses help the child develop their senses over the long term.
Recognising shapes: By playing with different shapes and figures, a child will also start to understand shapes, which helps improve fine motor skills.
Hand-eye coordination: This toy effectively promotes hand-eye coordination and therefore helps develop the child’s motor skills. The child learns how to use his or her hands and fingers with greater skill.
Creativity and imagination: Thanks to their ideas and imaginations, children are able to redefine their worlds time and again.
Solving problems: Helps children deal with problems. Solving problems in daily life will soon become a piece of cake for them. Mastering these challenges boosts self-esteem and promotes positive learning

General Information:

Cleaning instructions: please use mild detergent and water on a damp cloth. 

Age : 3 years +