Dino Zone – Dino Savannah Set – Brachiosaurus

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This Dino Zone – Dino Savannah Set – Brachiosaurus  simulates the green environment in which the brachiosaurus lived.

The Dino Zone – Dino Savannah Set – Brachiosaurus will not only educate children about the dinosaur period in history, but will also therefore help bring it to life with fun figures and play sets encouraging imaginative play and communication skills as a result.

Set consists of :

a baby Brachiosaurus
a double sided environment tray
a bush
a cycad tree
rolling hills.

Produced from sustainable rubber wood and finished with non toxic child safe paints and lacquers.

Some of the advantages researchers have found letting a child play with wooden toys are:

Language Development:

By their very nature, wooden toys are often simplistic in nature, and therefore encourages a child to use their imagination while playing.

They often provide sounds and voices for the wooden objects and characters while they are interacting with them.

Cognitive Development:

Sensory play develops that part of the brain that carries out complex task solving.

Wooden toys by their often simplistic nature, thus stimulating the child to use logic when making decisions during play.


Furthermore, these sturdily constructed of wood ecologically sourced and made with non toxic paints and materials.

Age : 3 years +

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