Decorous Melt Blend Wax

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The decorous melt blend wax is a carefully thought out blend of waxes designed for all climates and seasons, but is especially forgiving in warmer temperatures.

The decorous melt blend wax is designed for use with our range of fragrances, and also gives terrific results with any range of fragrances as well.

Technical Specifications:

Melting Point 50.0°C
Heating Range 62°C – 72°C
Pouring Range: 45°C – 52°C
Fragrance Load: 7% – 9%

This wax is easy to release from molds and from the melter after use.

This wax now comes in ‘chunk’ form, so is therefore much easier to use.

As with all candle products, there are many variants in ratios, personal techniques, uses and personal preferences; so testing is always required to find the optimal results which suits your application the best.

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As with all Melts:

Never Leave melts in use unattended.
The melt container may be hot to the touch.
Never move a melt once heated.
Do not use near curtains or blinds.
Keep well out of reach of children and pets.
Ensure candle or melt is used in on a heat resistant surface or specifically designed candle or melt protective plate.
Store candles and melts in a cool, dry place, and out of direct sunlight.
Always ensure the source of heating is extinguished or turned off after use.
Always use candles and melts in containers designed specifically for candle and melt use.
Failure to follow these and other candle and melt warnings may result in a fire hazard, damage to property and injury.


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