Curved Animal Dominoes

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This Curved Animal Dominoes is a based on the classic domino game, but with a fun child friendly curve.

This Curved Animal Dominoes is a fun game, needing not a lot of skill or setting up to have a great time. The set is made of curved wooden dominoes, with cool funny animal pictures.


28 wooden dominoes with cool, funny animal pictures

1 wooden box to store them in after play

Benefits of Board Games for kids include:

Board games help children to understand the concept of rules. It also allows the child the opportunity to count, and recognise colours and shapes.

Board games give a child an outlet other than something that involves a screen.

It allows the child to bond with family and friends.

A child can improve their vocabulary and help with problem solving all while having fun

It allows a child to feel the thrill of achievement in winning, but also teaches a child it can still be fun if you don’t win every time.

It teaches a child how to communicate and to play in conjunction with others.

They can be just outright fun and entertaining.

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Age : 4 years +


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28 piece curved, cool looking animal domino set with wooden storage box.